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We work ‘developer first’. It’s your job, your skills and your life. And we’re also developers so we know what makes you tick and understand what you’re saying.

New Job as a Service

We offer a NJAAS: ‘New Job as a Service’. Applying and searching jobs takes time, too much time.

The best jobs in the country that match your skills and ambitions. We handle applications, appointments and all feedback. We prepare you for any tests that might be given and make sure you’re up to date with your running applications.

This service costs you one months salary, paid within the first three months of your new job.


We also offer a free matchmaking service, we contact companies on your behalf and propose jobs from our own network. We will charge a fee to the company that’s hiring you. A great service for developers that are ready to progress their career.

Free CV and Career advice

Based on our experience as hiring managers we help improve your CV so that it shows your skills and experience more clearly. We also give you tips on which technologies to study or invest more in.

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